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Community Resources

Stopping For A Marked Police Car

Howard County Police Department

Community Outreach Division

10741 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia


  • Use your turn signal to pull over. 

  • Roll down your window. 

  • Turn off your radio. 

  • Keep your seatbelt featured. 

  • Turn on the vehicle's interior light if it's nighttime. 

  • Remain in your vehicle. 

  • Keep your hands on the wheel so they are visible. 

  • Avoid sudden movement. 

  • Only reach for license and registration only after requested by the officer. 

  • Follow the officer's instructions. 

  • Try not to become argumentative. 

  • If you are issued a citation you may be asked to sign it. 

What If I'm Being Pulled Over By An Unmarked Police Car?

If you are unsure if the person stopping you is law enforcement:

  • Activate your hazard lights.

  • Drive to a nearby public are that is well lit. 

  • Call 911 to verify that it is an officer attempting to pull you over.

  • Most officers will be in uniform, but if the officer is in plain clothes, you may request that a uniformed officer respond to the scene. 

What To Do

If ICE Comes To Your Door

  • DO NOT OPEN DOORS (ICE cannot come in without a signed warrant by a criminal court judge. They can only come in if you let them.)

  • REMAIN SILENT (ICE can use anything you say against you in your immigration case so claim your right to remain silent.)

  • DO NOT SIGN (Don't sign anything ICE gives you without talking to an attorney.)

  • REPORT & RECORD (Take pictures and videos unless you're on federal government properly. Take notes of badge numbers, number of agents, time, type of car and exactly what happened.)

  • FIGHT BACK (Get a trustworthy attorney and explore all options to fight your case. If detained, you may be able to get bail, don't give up hope! Join your local team to defend yourself from enforcement!)

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